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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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Mortgages are generally used to enable the purchase of a property. Many products available including Residential, Commercial and Bridging Mortgages. Mortgages secured on property.



Compare Payday

Payday Loans
Payday Loans are designed only for short term borrowing - typically for one month. Between £100 and £1000 can be borrowed. High interest rates and some lenders may charge fees.

Payday Loans

Payday Loans

Compare Secured

Latest Discussions
Secured Loans
Secured Loans are a type of loan where the amount you borrow is secured on your home, this is why they are often called Homeowner Loans. This type of borrowing is not available to tenants.

Secured Loans

Secured Loans

Compare Unsecured

Unsecured Loans
Unsecured Loans are often referred to as Personal Loans. They are a form of borrowing that doesn't require any form of secured security. Typical amounts range from £1,000 to £15,000.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Loans

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"Decent company "
9 March 2017
staff on phone were good and paid back early so didnt cost too much compared to others.
"Decent company "
9 March 2017
staff on phone were good and paid back early so didnt cost too much compared to others.
"not happy"
6 May 2015
Been with this company for a few months thought i was a loyal customer but was turned down this month for a loan no reason given.
"easy application"
8 March 2015
a very straightforward application Easy to fill out Decision does not take long Easy to re log in and check status

What is a Secured Loan?

Welcome To Everything Loans
Compare Secured Loans from £5,000 to £500,000 - payable from 2 years to 30 years. Borrow for Consolidation, Home Improvements, Weddings and more. Homeowners only. Click here to search and find out more.
Welcome To Everything Loans

What is a Payday Loan?

Welcome To Everything Loans
Compare Payday Loans - payable up to 30 days or until your next payday. Should only be considered for short term needs. Some lenders will offer same day transfer (fee may be involved) - others may take longer. Click here to compare.
Welcome To Everything Loans

What is a Mortgage?

Welcome To Everything Loans
Compare Mortgages from £26,000 to £2,000,000+ payable from 5 years to 30 years. Re-Mortgage your existing deal or Purchase a new home. Bridging and Commerical Mortgages also available. Click here to find out more.
Welcome To Everything Loans

What is an Unsecured Loan?

Welcome To Everything Loans
Compare Unsecured Loans from £1,000 to £15,000 - payable from 3 months to 7 years. Borrow for a Car, Holiday, Wedding and more. Available for Homeowners and Tenants. Click here to search and find out more.
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